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Joint Venture Partnerships:

Allaraj International Group- AIG

The Rosenthall Group LLC

Lekker International Investment Ghana Limited

Global Development Company- USA

J&K International Group LLC  Partnerships

The Rosenthal Group LLC.

Swan CHOI VP-The Rosenthall Group 

MBA (International Trade)

Countries of Work Experiences:

        U.S.A., Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Canada, South America,

        Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, U.K., almost all of European and African Countries.

Membership in Professional Societies:

        Association of Overseas Branch Offices, New York, USA
        Vice Chairman, American Bureau of Shipping, Special Committee for World Container Industry

1. Who we were, what we did

1.1 Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operation

Our Management and Staff have a good record with a varied career in an internationally

recognized Consulting, Construction Firms serving Clients in the Global Markets of Civil

Engineering Projects such as Water, Energy and Resources, Environment, Property, and

Transportation, Intelligent Transport System.

We provided Our Clients with the Engineering, Architecture, Program and Construction

Management, Environmental Planning and Science, and Economic Development Services

in the field of Engineering, Construction, Operation and Management at home and abroad.

Each of our team has been a devoted and trusted partner to local government agencies;

national, provincial, and local governments; multilateral institutions; and commercial

industry by bringing the strategic blueprint and an entrepreneurial spirit, developing

innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging problems and responded to local

conditions while providing clients with the technical resources and rapid response

capabilities of leading local and global organizations.

1.2 Plant, Equipment, Machinery, Solar and Wind Power
 Design, process, manufacture, trade and install Heavy Machineries
 Design for and development of various Machine Tools
 Development of various Military Supplies including Arms and Weapons, A
Fighter and other Aerospace fields.
 Oil drilling rig
 Production of various Construction Equipment such as Mobile and Tower
 Production of various sized Commercial Diesel Generator Sets including the
Permanent Magnet
 Sliding Generator
 System Development of Solar and Wind Power System
 Development and Production of Automobiles
 Plant export to Asian Countries such as Indonesia, India and Philippines
1. 3 Housing Development, etc.,
 Project Management including Feasibility Study, Basic Design and Detailed
Design, Supervision for the various type of Housing, Mega City Building,
Industrial Park
 Conceptual Design for Art & Cultural Center, Multi-Purpose Commercial and
Residential Building including but not limited to Concert, Opera House, Sport
Platform Facilities, Garden Park, Community and Marine Resort and
Entertainment Facilities
 Various types of Real Estate Development and the relevant Consulting for various
type of Housing including low cost multi-families houses
 Project Management and Construction Management for Housing Projects such as
Neighborhood Life Facilities and Garden City Housing, Shopping Malls and
Brand Launching, etc.,
 Various Type of Entertainment Planning for Festival including Security Plan
 Urban Planning for local municipal authorities, Maintenance and Management
Services for local authorities
We, as an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides engineering,
architecture, program and construction management, environmental planning and
economic development services based on our previous experience, would do our utmost to
enhance the quality of life by reducing the poverty in developing Countries in Asia, Africa
and South America.
We, The Rosenthall Group, Asia, Inc. would be formally incorporated in Seoul Korea
soon as a part of The Rosenthall Group (TRG), Inc. USA, -the official partner of TRG in
As a global company, The Rosenthall Group, Asia, Inc. Korea is committed to;
 Making a positive contribution to community
 Ensuring the ethically sound and environmentally friendly performance of quality
services; and
 Providing a work environment that allows our management and staff to meet their
professional development goals
 Providing a System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor (SMART) together with desalination plant suitable for developing countries with a small electrical grid capacity, insufficient infrastructure and limited investment capability, which is safe, reliable, sustainable and economic.

Robert Rosentall, Founder & CEO
Humanitarian Project Developer in Africa
Postmaster for the US Postal Services
Senior Staff Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers
Project Management for $3 Billion Tenn-Tom water project, $50 million Red-River Development